Ja podem descarregar la nova Sphinx, una versió prévia a la 0.9.9 que corregeix diversos errors de la versió anterior:

  • added configure script to libsphinxclient
  • changed proximity/quorum operator syntax to require whitespace after length
  • fixed handling of incomplete remote replies (caused over-degraded distributed results, in rare cases)
  • fixed sending of big remote requests (caused distributed requests to fail, in rare cases)
  • fixed FD_SET() overflow (caused searchd to crash on startup, in rare cases)
  • fixed MVA vs distributed indexes (caused loss of 1st MVA value in result set)
  • fixed tokenizing of exceptions terminated by specials (eg. “GPS AT&T” in extended mode)
  • fixed buffer overrun in stemmer on overlong tokens occasionally emitted by proximity/quorum operator parser (caused crashes on certain proximity/quorum queries)
  • fixed wordcount ranker (could be dropping hits)
  • fixed –merge feature (numerous different fixes, caused broken indexes)
  • fixed –merge-dst-range performance
  • fixed prefix/infix generation for stopwords
  • fixed ignore_chars vs specials
  • fixed misplaced F_SETLKW check (caused certain build types, eg. RPM build on FC8, to fail)
  • fixed dictionary-defined charsets support in spelldump, added x-style wordchars support
  • fixed Java API to properly send long strings (over 64K; eg. long document bodies for excerpts)
  • fixed Python API to accept offset/limit of ‘long’ type
  • fixed default ID range (that filtered out all 64-bit values) in Java and Python APIs

A més hi ha novetats interessants amb les aportacions de tercers al motor de cerques, com el port a PECL API o el mòdul de Drupal. I a banda de les novetats pel que a software es refereix, també s’ha afegit documentació i presentacions del motor.


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