Ubuntu 6.06 LTS és pública

L’equip de Canonical ha fet pública la versió definitiva d’Ubuntu 6.06 LTS.

Que incopora, per la versió escritori:

  • A new, very fast, graphical installer based on the Live CD
  • Faster system startup and login
  • Simplified menu organization
  • Graphical shutdown process
  • Easy access to power management settings with GNOME Power Manager (Ubuntu)
  • Improved support for video playback
  • Optional NetworkManager for convenient roaming between different wireless and wired networks
  • OpenOffice.org 2.0.2, X.org 7.0
  • Support for ongoing translation updates throughout the life of this release, for all supported desktop environments

i per la versió servidor:

  • New kernels targeted at server platforms. The server kernels are tuned differently than the desktop kernels (providing better performance for server applications).
  • Both low-end and “big iron” server kernels. The low-end server kernel is generic, and should work on the same equipment that the desktop kernel runs on. The high-end server kernel is geared towards systems with greater than 8 CPUs (ES7000 / Summit / BIGSMP).
  • Turn-key LAMP installation for this common deployment scenario
  • Improved support for clusters and SANs
  • Thin client enhancements, including faster client startup, graphical boot process, reduced memory requirements, and sound device support

Es pot descarregar a través de la pàgina d’Ubuntu i dels seus servidors mirall o bé se’n poden demanar CD’s.