Ubuntu ‘The Edgy Eft’

En Mark Shuttleworth ens ha fet saber quin serà el codename per a la propera versió d’Ubuntu així com els motius que han portat a aquest nom:

The codename of Dapper+1 will be:

The Edgy Eft

And here’s why. Edgy is all about cutting edge, perhaps bleeding edge, brand new code and infrastructure. It will be the right time to bring in some seriously interesting but definitely edgy new technologies which lay the groundwork for the next wave of Ubuntu development.

An Eft is a youthful newt, going through its first exploration of the rocky territory just outside the stream. And that’s exactly what we hope the development team will do with Ubuntu during the Edgy cycle – explore slightly unfamiliar and uncharted territory that is perhaps a little out of the mainstream.


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