Concurs per redissenyar

La gent de Canonical ha convocat un concurs dotat de 1.000 dòlars per a redissenyar el web d’Ubuntu Linux.

Competition Guidelines

* Goal: We’re looking for a fantastic, new look’n’feel for the current site, which is based on Plone 1.

* Entries do *not* have to be completed Plone skins! You may send mockup
images, html+image samples, or if you really want to, an example Plone
skin. They will all be judged equally – we’re looking for an innovative
look’n’feel more than ability to create Plone skins. 🙂

* Designs should cover as many Plone widgets and structural elements as
possible, so we know how to apply it to a complete skin. See the first
documentation link below for more about this.

* Entries must be entirely your own work, or based on clearly licensed,
credited, DFSG compatible works. The final website look’n’feel may be
based on a combination of entries.

* Entries must include the Ubuntu logo. 🙂

* Send your entry to jeff.waugh+webcomp at or simply reply to this

* Entries close on January 31st, 2005.

* sabdfl’s judgement of the competition is final, even if he polls the
community for input. 🙂