Arriba la UWB a Europa

Segons el DiarioTI, la Unió Europea està considerant permetre la implementació de la ·UWB· al seu territori.

La ·UWB· ve a ser un Bluetooth avançat que permet la transferència teòrica de dades a centenars de mbps, mentre que Bluetooth només permet la transferència, sempre teòrica, d’un mbps.

Intel comenta diferents utilitats que podria tenir la ·UWB·:

  • An office worker could put a mobile PC on a desk and instantly be connected to a printer, scanner and VoIP headset
  • All the components for an entire home entertainment center could be set up and connected to each other without a single wire
  • A digital camcorder could play a just-recorded video on a friend’s HDTV without anyone having to fiddle with wires
  • A portable MP3 player could stream audio to high-quality surround-sound speakers anywhere in the room
  • A mobile computer user could wirelessly connect to a digital projector in a conference room to deliver a presentation
  • Digital pictures could be transferred to a photo print kiosk for instant printing without the need of a cable


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