Ja es pot descarregar Nvu 0.50

NvuDes de fa una setmana ja podem descarregar la darrera versió de Nvu, un editor de pàgines web ·WYSIWYG· , tipus Dreamweaver, basat en Mozilla i de codi obert, per a plataformes Linux, Mac, Windows, …

Entre les noves característiques trobem:

  • based on Mozilla 1.7.1
  • 7-bit LZMA compression for a smaller windows installer
  • better horizontal and vertical rulers
  • colored source view
  • selection preserved between Normal/AllTags/Preview and Source views
  • BiDi control buttons now apply only at block level, as requested by users
  • new buttons to attach/center a positioned elements
  • toolbars reorganized
  • Inline Spell Checker (thanks to Neil Deakin and the Mozdev Group)
  • new preference for entities encoding
  • if the caret is in the last cell of a table and the user presses the tab key, the new row now acquires the “style” of
    the previous last row
  • a very “pinger” sends us a trivial HTTP request when the user launches Nvu for the first time, and of course is he/she is willing to do it; the stats are online here; privacy is fully respected, the only data we store is the date and time of the ping.
  • fixed bugs in the resizers
  • Typing in tables and nested tables was very slow in 0.41, this is now fixed
  • Linspire version calls kprinter
  • it’s now possible to rename a file/directory in the Site Manager
  • linux builds (including Linspire) don’t need any more the -edit or -editor command line arg to open a URL; just give the URL in the command line…
  • it’s now possible to drag an image from the Site Manager and drop it onto the main editing window; other filetypes will generate a link
  • XFN 1.1
  • the preferences now have a Fonts panel

Autor: Oriol Morell

Em dic Oriol Morell i Jané, Enginyer informàtic de sistemes per la UOC. Sóc especialista en marketing digital, posicionament als cercadors i en desenvolupament de negocis web. Pots llegir més informació sobre mi al meu perfil a LinkedIn i pots contactar-me a oriolm(a)gmail(punt)com