Financial Times: EU criticism of Aznar’s conduct mounts

Interessant article el que apareix avui a la portada del Financial Times. El text, que porta per títol: EU criticism of Aznar’s conduct mounts, critica la conducta d’Aznar durant el fatídic 11-M i comenta la aggressive campaign to persuade voters que va dur a terme el govern del PP durant els següents dies.

Spanish police and firefighters have told the Financial Times they knew immediately that the explosives used on the trains were not the kind usually deployed by Eta because of the force of the explosion, the damage and the smell of the explosives. “If this was Eta, it was working in a very different way,” one fire officer told the FT.


Ana Palacio, foreign minister, sent instructions to Spain’s ambassadors at 5.28pm that day to “use every occasion to confirm the authorship of Eta”.

Val la pena llegir-lo!


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