12 raons per les que creixerà el codi obert

Segons Marc Andreessen, co-fundador de Netscape, aquestes són 12 raons per les que creixerà el codi obert:

  • “The Internet is powered by open source.”
  • “The Internet is the carrier for open source.”
  • “The Internet is also the platform through which open source is developed.”
  • “It’s simply going to be more secure than proprietary software.”
  • “Open source benefits from anti-American sentiments.”
  • “Incentives around open source include the respect of one’s peers.”
  • “Open source means standing on the shoulders of giants.”
  • “Servers have always been expensive and proprietary, but Linux runs on Intel.”
  • “Embedded devices are making greater use of open source.”
  • “There are an increasing number of companies developing software that aren’t software companies.”
  • “Companies are increasingly supporting Linux.”
  • “It’s free.”

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