Xarxes socials: Podem ser-hi a totes?

Sovint tinc converses amb gent que al cap del temps llegeixo plasmades en posts de tercers. Això, lluny de sorprendrem, em tranquil·litza, al cap i a la fi serà senyal que no tinc converses tan rares com diu ma mare 😉

Ahir Mashable publicava un post que comença així:

There are literally thousands of social networks on the web right now, but which ones should you join?
Many people have spread out their personal brands on too many networks and are now unable to manage their existence on all of them. As the number of social networks grows (more startups) and shrinks (economic downsizing), we must be smarter about which ones we join and which ones we ignore. Today, we’ll go over a simple method you can use to figure out which social networks to participate in so your brand is visible and easily manageable across the web.

I acaba amb el mateix problema que a l’orígen:

Managing your social network profiles will become increasingly tedious, unless you take the proper steps to only join ones that will further your personal brand and use social tools to alleviate the process. Updating your profiles is extremely important, especially at a time of economic recession, when hiring managers are looking for the best talent. You wouldn’t want to look less experienced than you actually are, would you?

Centralitzem, senyors, centralitzem 😉  O bé centrem-nos, senyors, centrem-nos.